Office Solutions

We understand that different businesses and different teams have different needs. At Remota, we provide our clients access to various options of office solutions that bring remote teams together and ensure a unified vision and culture.

Our office solutions

In today’s business environment, the value of remote workers is widely understood. What is also understood is that different businesses have different needs and managing your remote teams’ office space from abroad has its challenges. That is why we want to take the burden off you and ensure that we can provide a complete office solution that best suits your business. 

How do we find the best office spaces?

Remota’s office solutions are a full spectrum answer to any of your business’s office rental needs. We have local expertise in property rental that enable us to assist you with all of the rental processes for office space across South Africa.

Regardless of the size of your team, we can provide you with access to a co-working space, an entire office, or a boardroom rental for meetings and conferences.

We ensure full flexibility on all our office solutions with rental and lease agreements tailored to suit your business requirements from once per week in a co-working space, to multi-year leases on large offices.

The process begins with an alignment meeting with our team, wherein we can use our office solutions experience to best assess what your business requirements will be, taking into account a potentially growing team. Thereafter, we assess the local market within your desired area and find the best and most economical solutions for your business.  

We promise to provide you with the perfect place for your team to co-work and maintain company culture, whilst you focus on your business’s core competencies.

Ready to employ with us?

Working with a truly global partner in Employer of Record Services not only saves you time and money but also gives your employees the proper international support they deserve to perform at their best.