Global Employer Services

Having a global Employment of Record partner for all your employee relations, payroll, and HR matters simplifies the administrative flow of business, leading to increased employee happiness. 

About our Global Employer Services

Conquering the international market appeals to many leaders. Indeed, the opportunities are exciting, yet they come with formidable challenges.

One aspect of international business is hiring remote employees. When you try to build strong working relations with your global team, ensuring that they’re engaged and valued is the key.

Today, digital transformation changed the landscape of working remotely. There’s a cloud-based solution that can jumpstart your international workforce. It’s cost-effective and fully compliant with labor rules and mandates.


Here’s how our global services work

End-to-end Solution

We will handle every HR process and requirement for your company. We offer cost-effective ways to start your international expansion in full compliance with the laws.

Hands-on Approach

We facilitate all HR duties for you and your team. We are on top of any situation for government statutory reports, employee benefits, and taxes filing.

Accurate Real-time Reporting

Our cloud-based system keeps accurate and timely reports for your HR team. It allows you to track any change in your staff payroll.

Ready to employ with us?

Working with a truly global partner in Employer of Record Services not only saves you time and money but also gives your employees the proper international support they deserve to perform at their best.