Immigration And Visa Services

Relocation of team members has become common practice as companies look at international expansion. Our Immigration and Visa Services ensure full compliance with different regulations in any country.  Let us kickstart your international growth.

Our Visa & Immigration Solutions

For international expansion, employee mobility is a must. There is a significant change in how companies move their workforce and many are encouraging employees to travel from one country to another on short-term projects rather than long-term assignments at one base.

Meanwhile, established businesses prefer permanent relocation for their staff. However, there are tighter visa policies and immigration requirements in most countries today.

Gaining a deep understanding of global market trends and the requirements from local authorities lays a valuable foundation to achieve your international goals successfully.

Here’s how our immigration and visa services work

Remota’s Immigration and Visa Services is a full-service solution. We have international immigration experts to assist you with all the requirements and steps to streamline the process.

We have local expertise with immigration, visa, relocation, work permits, and permanent residency procedures. Our global reach means you can place anyone, anywhere around the globe.

The application process will start with an initial consultation with our team, well-rounded with different types of work visas and experienced in international immigration laws (country dependent).

This consultation allows us to analyze the situation and come up with a plan. We will then guide you through the relevant processes and discuss the appropriate requirements. We will also suggest realistic time frames and reasonable costs.

Our promise is absolute compliance with local immigration legislation. Hence, we ensure our clients that they will have peace of mind when they choose our services.

We value long-term relationships with our clients. Therefore, we will update you when any legislative amendments happen. We will also assist your employees with the applications of their dependent family members if necessary.

Here’s how our immigration and visa services work

Total Compliance

Your compliance is taken care of. We secure all your documents and comply with all regulations for visa and immigration processing.

Open Communication

We keep you updated on any changes in local visa and immigration policies in your country of operation.

A Global Network

We have a global team of experts that understands your business, knows the local market, and have a global outlook to create a sustainable solution for your business needs. 

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Working with a truly global partner in Employer of Record Services not only saves you time and money but also gives your employees the proper international support they deserve to perform at their best.